Spring Blooms Workshop for Little Joy NYC

Here are photos from last weekend's Spring Blooms Workshop. Designing the Spring Blooms menu was fun and another paper good I created this time was a "peony variety menu". I reworked the Winter Blooms menu and added a neon strip around the border for a bright and happy little touch. I loved the paper we used for these - it is a creamy and thin waffle weave. They go so well with our decor and combine the old with the new.

This was a fun spin on the Winter Blooms menu. Edited content, a creamy weaved paper, and inked border for a springy touch!

This was a fun spin on the Winter Blooms menu. Edited content, a creamy weaved paper, and inked border for a springy touch!

Beer Labels

Here are some fun beer labels I designed, printed, and cut for homemade brews at Calvary-St. George's. It was cool making these for a religious institution because it's an ancient art that has long been a tradition in monasteries!

Floral Designs for Reformation's Fashion Show

Little Joy NYC went to Bridal Fashion Week! I can tout a lot about how funny the wedding industry is to me. The expensive, fleeting nature of it. Of course I am operating from a holy matrimony point of view...spending countless amounts of dollars compared to the pure beauty of sacred unity is not (was not) my thing. OK enough touting. That is all I have to say.

Melina and I enjoyed the creative aspect of this event. We loved playing with our arts to help build a scene - that is ultimately what we love achieving...a little joy to enhance your experience. Melina is a master, of course! She chose floral varieties to complement Reformation's dresses beautifully. 

Go check out more photos on the Little Joy NYC blog!

Photos above were taken by our wonderful new friend, photographer Masato Onoda. He was so playful and we enjoyed his playful presence.

Flowers in the Floating World

After a wonderful two-week adventure, I've returned from Japan. Being there, I felt like I was walking through a dream. Being here, I am still dazed. The quality of all that I perceived - from the food, to the nature scenes, to the hospitality of the people - is incomparable to any other experience I've had whilst traveling. The rich, cultural history of Japan really inspired me. I wanted to absorb it all! I hope I can return again soon to this beautiful little world! 

Here are photographs I took of spring bloom varieties I spotted throughout Tokyo and Kanazawa. It is good inspiration to get ready for our next Littlejoy -- happening May 13th.

The temple bell stops, but I can still hear the sound, coming out of the flowers.
— Matsuo Bashō