Flowers in the Floating World

After a wonderful two-week adventure, I've returned from Japan. Being there, I felt like I was walking through a dream. Being here, I am still dazed. The quality of all that I perceived - from the food, to the nature scenes, to the hospitality of the people - is incomparable to any other experience I've had whilst traveling. The rich, cultural history of Japan really inspired me. I wanted to absorb it all! I hope I can return again soon to this beautiful little world! 

Here are photographs I took of spring bloom varieties I spotted throughout Tokyo and Kanazawa. It is good inspiration to get ready for our next Littlejoy -- happening May 13th.

The temple bell stops, but I can still hear the sound, coming out of the flowers.
— Matsuo Bashō

Lenten Feeling

I'm reading William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and am hoping to finish the novel before we set off on our trip. To close one book and open another. It is so fraught with the moral pains a family endures when experiencing life and death; this is what makes it so poignant to me because people don't talk about this subject in the open that often. What a fragile time we have here to live and enjoy and share that joy with others and discover for ourselves.

Miss Hokusai

Just finished this movie last night and I am so enamored by it. It was the perfect little film to watch before we embark on our trip to Japan in less than a week! Oi staring at her pieces of paper make me reminiscent of how often I stare at blank sheets waiting for the spirit of inspiration to sweep over me and carry me along. The scene of her painting the dragon was so beautiful and mystical.