23 October 2016

Mknz's and my house is slowly coming together. Last night we finally hung a bunch of things we'd been meaning to get up and off the floor. He has this cutie little electric drill that he gets so excited to use. Out came the screws and wall anchors and drill bits! We hung backpack hooks, a thin sheet metal shelf w/ lid, the guitar hanger, and two large really heavy mirrors. It is amazing what a mirror can do to open up a space!

Afterwards we cooked dinner together. I made a dumpling soup with fresh farmer's market goods like tomatoes, russet potatoes, onions, fragrant garlic, and spinach. Mknz made tamago - a Japanese rolled omelet - because Logan got us this awesome square pan for our wedding gift (not to mention four insanely delicious bottles of wine from Hendry). We got our food and sat on the wood floor because we don't have a dining table yet. Sitting there I was just enjoying the time we spend together because during the week we're both always off seeing friends after work or doing hobbies - it was nice to be hanging out and relaxing! I'd woken up super early to do an 8:30 am flower delivery in Williamsburg at Aurora with Melina. 

Today we're going to a birthday party for my favorite little friend, Sophia, who is turning 9 years old tomorrow! I'm sewing her a dress out of my old clothes as a present and I'm sure she is going to love it. I'll post pictures later!

Nia Kiesow