Animated .GIFs

Today I attempted to do something that I feel no traditional Episcopal Church has ever done...incorporate animated .GIFs. Funny right? Such a niche thing to be so concerned with.

There's this huge service that Calvary-St. George's gifts the city of New York each year. It's this 120-year-old tradition in lower Manhattan where St. George's opens its doors to host 600+ people for a beautiful service of original and traditional Christmas lessons and carols. Cool right? Last year the music featured Arabic pieces with traditional instruments. It was gorgeous.

Anyway, I'm in the planning stages for the PR materials and spent my morning conceptualizing different looks and ideas. I think this year I will incorporate some fun and subtle animation.

The Reverend looked at it and called it "original gangsta next level". That was basically all the validation needed hehe. I call it "Episcopal Church joins 21st century".

Nia Kiesow