A trip up the river...

A few weekends ago Mackenzie and I took a little "mini-moon" up the Hudson River to celebrate our marriage. Our real honeymoon is next year when we go to Japan, but we still wanted to spend a little weekend away to enjoy the Autumn weather and the Hudson River Valley.

Amazingly, Mknz's company has an office in Hudson so we decided to spend the weekend in our favorite little town up the river after he spent a couple of days working. I loved going to join up with him and his engineer team for an apple picking afternoon - they are so nice! After they left, Mackenzie and I went to find lodging and explore.

We first discovered Hudson on a family roadtrip a couple of years ago and have gone back multiple times since. This was actually our first time going up there in the Autumn season and it was even more gorgeous than in the summer. The leaves were all different colors and the air was crisp.

We'll be returning to this spot again in a few weekends because of a really crazy story (that basically ends with me sprinting down Warren for a mile and a half then vomiting up a meal by the train tracks....yes it is a long crazy story)...but we'll be staying in the penthouse at Wm. Farmer and Sons! So excited.

Nia Kiesow