Advent Season branding

Here are some designs I've been working on for Calvary-St. George's. I wanted them to be consistent with their weekly Sunday bulletin designs, so I changed up the colors, muted the Red+Green of Christmas so that it was softer, and incorporated vintage French prints of wreaths and floral decals. I colored in the florals with soft melty colors because I wanted it to have an overall festive, but not typical effect. 

Melina and Sophia put wreaths around some of the fence posters at St. George's!

People wonder why CALSTG has it's own in-house graphic designer (this is not typical for a church), but I completely understand why. Doing the work I do I've come to see how important it is for branding's sake and for getting the word out to the community about every event that takes place under CALSTG's roof. Info has to be clear, but interesting enough for people to stop on the street to look at.

Click each thumbnail to see full poster:

Nia Kiesow