My Paintings at the Eileen Fisher Holiday Market

I had such a fun time at the Eileen Fisher Holiday Market as an invited vendor. My friend Elise works at the company and put my name in for their "Nearest and Dearest" roster and I got selected! Three weeks passed filled with painting and painting and painting a new body of work whilst working full time on Candlelight and Christmas materials at the parish....needless to say it felt so exciting when the day finally arrived to load up a taxicab with all of my work (with the help of my dear friend Melina) and head over to the West Village for the event. 

I met so many new people who were genuinely interested in my work and my process. I felt so encouraged! Painting is something I enjoy doing because it's so different from pushing pixels around on a screen. I get to interact with a completely different medium and it's definitely more messy! The fun part for me is trying to master a bit of control over the colors and put them onto paper.

If you talk to me regularly, you'd know that my life is full of projects here and projects there. I live my life project to project and many of my memories are easy to recall if someone reminds me of the project I was working on at the time. It was so fun and wild to work on this one - from ordering business cards to painting my backdrops for the gallery to getting a Square for transactions....these were all new experiences I'd never done before! 

I was thankful for my friends who came to support me and say hi for a festive evening before we all flew out for the holidays. Stay tuned because I think I might just open an online store for my paintings...


Nia Kiesow