I'm Engaged!

Mackenzie and I have been engaged for a little while already, but he presented the ring to me a couple of days ago in the sweetest manner. He got Melina and Jacob involved in the surprise, which was awesome because they are the closest thing to family here in NYC that I will probably ever have (other than Macke).

Jacob had me believing parents from a school I rebranded last week wanted to make changes to the booklets I designed. I was 100% in professional-ready-to-defend-my-work mode when we entered Gramercy Park (where the meeting supposedly was going to be held). Out of the corner of my eye I see Mackenzie running towards us and all I could think was "What the heck!?!?!?" and then "Ooooooh" as realization dawned on me.

I was so surprised!!!!!

Plus I am a crybaby so of course I was tearing up and smiling so big and then he got down on one knee and asked me (again) to marry him. I was/am on cloud nine. The ring is so beautiful and I love him so much! He designed it with his mom from a jeweler in San Luis Obispo. The band is rose gold and the main jewel is a peach sapphire (my favorite color!) with two little tear-shaped diamonds on the side. I LOVE IT!!! I feel like Sailor Moon.

After the proposal Jacob and Mel went to dinner and Mackenzie and I stayed in the park to enjoy a picnic he put together of delicious foods that reminded me of what we ate in Lisbon, Portugal last year. He bought this super soft peach gauze-muslin blanket and modern, stemless wine glasses with gold bottoms from the MoMA Design Store. It was the most special picnic I've ever had! We were in Gramercy Park (the last private park in all of New York City) enjoying the weather and talking about each others' days.

I am so so so excited to marry my best friend. I can't believe it!!!

Nia Kiesow