Growing Up...Again

Each year it seems like more and more is happening and each event means more and more. If I could muster up better elocution, you'd get that what I mean is: I'm really feeling it when they told me that the older you get, the more responsibility you'll accumulate.

Here I am.

It's been a good, but tough year of growing. Idk - maybe it's been a good but tough 5 years.

We just signed a lease for a spot in Brooklyn and boy am I excited to be back there. We walked across the BK Bridge last night back to Manhattan and I felt that overwhelming emotion of floating as if on air at the reminder that I live in NYC. It'll be 7 years this month that I've been here and this city never ceases to bonk me over the head with its greatness and surprises. 

I remember spending long hours in my room cutting clippings of sights, news, and happenings in NYC. And when I got here it was like GOTHAM! I'd made it with my one little suitcase and hailed a taxi and told the driver to take me to the Empire State Building. 

Now I'm turning 25 next week and I think about that and can't help but mentally chuckle. I didn't even have an identity then. Just a big fat sponge trying to figure out what or how to think.

Now I've found passions and past times and the best gem of all - my beau and one true love, Mknz. I'm just floored by it all.


Nia Kiesow