Tuesday Day

I've been studying French and taking a class in my neighborhood around the corner. I love the challenge and it is such a unique language - so wispy in that it doesn't seem to quite finish its own words with the final consonants or vowels. I like this about it, but I also recognize that makes it difficult to read lips or understand what someone is saying when they speak quickly. 

A man I work with, whose name is Kamel, speaks French (among English and Arabic). He is tres magnifique! He taught me this morning to always keep my lips pursed out when I speak it. I laughed and mimicked the pursed lips and said "like Brigitte Bardot" through them. We both laughed at that! 

I love these people around me. They are so full of life and it makes me very happy about the community we've all built up around us. The two munchkins pictured below were dropped off on Sunday at my house while Melina went to take a little class at Saipua's Red Hook studio. She brought Mackenzie and me back a luxurious candle as a souvenir when she came to pick the kids up. When they exited the building, Melina told me Henry announced, "I'm coming back tomorrow! Nia has the day off and I know she'll be home!" He is 7 years old and just the best. Sophia too. We made udon noodles from scratch and she insisted on getting elbow deep in the flour to knead and pound it, even when I knew her knuckles were getting sore. She wouldn't let me relieve her of the duty! Determined little girl. I love them both and we had so much fun together. Mackenzie too. We took them skateboarding for a couple of hours in the park and then went for some ice cream. We tricked Henry into ordering a mint chip ice cream that he didn't even realize was vegan! 


Nia Kiesow