Floral Designs for Reformation's Fashion Show

Little Joy NYC went to Bridal Fashion Week! I can tout a lot about how funny the wedding industry is to me. The expensive, fleeting nature of it. Of course I am operating from a holy matrimony point of view...spending countless amounts of dollars compared to the pure beauty of sacred unity is not (was not) my thing. OK enough touting. That is all I have to say.

Melina and I enjoyed the creative aspect of this event. We loved playing with our arts to help build a scene - that is ultimately what we love achieving...a little joy to enhance your experience. Melina is a master, of course! She chose floral varieties to complement Reformation's dresses beautifully. 

Go check out more photos on the Little Joy NYC blog!

Photos above were taken by our wonderful new friend, photographer Masato Onoda. He was so playful and we enjoyed his playful presence.

Nia Kiesow