Summer with Friends

Last night some dear friends and I went around Koreatown for food and drink. I love NYC in the summer! It feels so alive and playful. It will be 8 years next month that I've been here and I'm still captivated by its energy and aura of adventure. Each neighborhood is so different! And the city is always changing. I used to live around the corner from Koreatown and would go often for groceries or to pick up baked goods. Now so many new places cropped up, old ones closed down, but there's always a stream of folks looking for a good time.

When I pass a place that gives me nostalgia, a stream of visual memory crops up in my mind and it's funny to see what images are stored away deep in my brain that I'd forgotten. Living in a constantly-changing city like NYC for so long, I feel like I've already lived different lives and built memories on top of memories, sometimes forgetting old ones. I am very thankful for my experience here, getting to know myself better and meeting new people who I've come to love. I met the love of my life here - in an airport, no less! Can you believe it?

Macke snapped this one of me (left) and Joann (right):

Nia Kiesow